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Paradise Sought

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February 7th, 2006

04:40 pm - Hey, if people are still here XP
Thought I should make at least one post on this community even if it is kind of...well...inactive. So, yeah... I should put my icons on here too... that is, if anyone comments to this one. Then I can put up a link and stuff...

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June 18th, 2005

12:40 pm - Aiiii!
*stumbles in, head of heels, falling flat face into the dirt.* Well, Later rather than sooner I found my way here! It's Suarii from RtP, if thou were wondering, and I just wanted to give my little hello I'm alive speech. Consider it spoken. Hehe.


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March 26th, 2005

12:54 pm - Heya
Hello, I just joined the community after a long while. I just figured out communities. Anyway, I am Nozomi and I love Wolf's Rain. And wolves. I think they are beautiful creatures and wonderful beings. Anyhow...

Does anyone know which Wolf's Rain Dvds are out? I know 1-4 are out, cause I have them, but I'm still waiting on the rest. I must go scrounge around Amazon.com or some Best Buy store.

Its too bad that BONES won't have a third soundtrack. The first two are great, but there are many soundtracks missing. Such as the part when Cheza sings that nice song to make them asleep, and when the "Shiro" song is faster in that walrus episode.

Ack, I'm sorry. I tend to -ramble- and -ramble-. Anywho...good lucks.
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February 17th, 2005

08:39 pm - Another WR fan movie...
Heyo people... I'm back. lol

I posted a movie of mine back in octoberish, with clips from the show... and well, I am back at it again!

This time I don't have any questions for people to fill out, but I would really appreciate some feedback on this movie. I have two versions but I only have the first one up. I just want to know if anyone feels that the plot is connective through the entire thing... or if it feels jumbled.

This movie is a little less polished than the last one, but longer! DIAL UP USERS STAY AWAY FROM THIS. It's like 25mb :3 I should know, I had to upload it on dial up. Meh.

ANYWAY! Here is the link: www.jawa843.com/change.wmv

Enjoy... (:

Cross posted... in other places... lol
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November 2nd, 2004

02:32 am - Please check this out
Howdy (:

I'm a semi-fan of Wolf's Rain, I saw the last episode (along with maybe like the first three...) and bawled my eyes out for a week. >.>;; Anyway, I happened to make a lil' movie outta the first episode with a bit of a twist, and wanted to share it...get comments, feedback, critique... yeah, that whole deal. It's pretty simple, but be forewarned that the file is HUGE (30+MB) so people with high speed 'net have fun! All of us dial-up people still suffer.

So here is the linky...

Though, after (and if) you watch, please...

Fill out this lil' diddy in your comment post (:Collapse )
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May 31st, 2004

11:16 am - ANIME GEEK-NESS!
Forward: Stacey is my girlfriend, who is in love with Piro from "Megatokyo". She's always thought Piroko's (female version) weapon dubbed "Chibi Killstick" was incredibly cool, so I promised to make her one.
But now...
Stacey's "Chibi Killstick" has gone and turned into the Harkonnen cannon (yes that is a Dune referance) from Hellsing.
Freud lives...bitch.
How am I going to build this?
- The barrel will most likely be two sections of 1.5" PVC, getting as close as I can to a 30mm bore. Any increases in the barrel will be varying PVC piping.
- The grip will be the lower part of an MK23.
- The stock I have no idea...if I can get a PSG-1 stock, I'll use a shortened version of that, or I may just make it out of polymer.
- The body and hinge mechanism I'm not sure on. I'm very tempted to model it after a Vietnam-era M79 grenade launcher. Hinge is going to have to be strong as unholy fuck though, same goes for the locking mechanism. Worse comes to worst, I forgo the hinge altogether and use the extra space for compressed air storage.

What does this have to do with Wolf's Rain?

Yeah, that'll do.

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06:41 pm - Welcome to Paradise Sought!
Well, AT LAST I'm writing a little intro post for this community :)

I'm the owner of the Wolf's Rain fanlisting since June 9th, 2003 (yay, it means the site is about to reach ist first birthday! ^___^). It was a quite popular fanlisting since the beginning, but recently it has become really REALLY popular, because the anime is being showed on TV in the U.S., so more people knows about it now. I'm getting a bunch of new members every day (right now I have like 100 pending ones to add O_O), and that's because, some weeks ago, I opened the Running to Paradise Boards, so the fans could meet each other and talk about the anime, the characters, and so on :)

But it seems we haven't enough yet, because we've created also this community, Paradise Sought, to keep in touch and talk about our WR obsession :D This community is specially for people who're members of the fanlisting and/or the boards, but also for every fan of Wolf's Rain who may be interested in joining... and it's moderated and mantained by me and saturn_ix :)

The community rules are simple:
1 - Respect everyone's opinions. If you cause any kand of problems, you'll be banned.
2 - Don't post anything off-topic - and don't dare to post SPAM! If you want to promote your site and it's about Wolf's Rain, no problem with it, but nothing more than that. If you want to talk about other things, and this should include wolves and other anime series, go to the boards and use the forums I made for this purpose :)
3 - Be careful with posting adult material, like explicit yaoi fanarts or something like that. Just because we'd like this community to be viewable for people of all ages.

I think that's all. So welcome everyone, enjoy posting and if you have any questions, just ask :)
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Current Music: Stray (Wolf's Rain OST)

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May 27th, 2004

05:32 pm - Go Ask Alice...Kiss mah gritz!
Yo to Taka and MacLeod.

Taka, in case you're wondering, you can view our other journals by clicking on "Friends".

And where the hell is Setsuka?
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04:53 pm - Event: 001
MacLeod, checking in.
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May 28th, 2004

02:24 pm - ^.^
Taka's finally here! Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun

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